Brave standard producer urges fans to look forward to the anniversary next year


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Image: Square Enix

Brave Standard II may just have just hit the Nintendo Switch, but questions are already being asked about future console entries in the series.

In this week’s edition of Famitsu, serial producer Tomoya Asano reiterated that nothing is being actively developed on new games on the console front. Nevertheless, he assumes that the 10th anniversary of the series will be “a little more active” than usual next year, and fans should look forward to it.

“As with every development of a new console game [for the Bravely series], I’m sorry, but there is nothing for the time being. However, since next year is its 10th anniversary, we expect it to be a little more active compared to an average year. I’m looking forward to.”

Back in September, Asano said the future of the series was still in the planning stages, admitting that another major entry could potentially take up to three or four years to develop.

“Bravely Default II has been well received by the fans so we hope to continue the series as we think we can do it all over again. Nevertheless, we are still in the planning phase and I suspect that the development will take another 3-4 years, so we would be happy if the fans could support us. “

Square Enix recently opened pre-registration for the mobile spin-off Brave requirement: brilliant light in Japan via the App Store and Google Play. Are you curious about other important entries in the Bravely Default series? Did you play the latest version of the console on Switch? Leave a comment below.

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