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By Holmes Lybrand and Hannah Rabinowitz, CNN

A Florida man and actor who plays Judas in the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” has joined the list of Oath Keepers charged with participating in the January 6th riot in the US Capitol.

James Beeks, 49, was charged with obstructing Congress and illegally entering the Capitol grounds.

This is the latest indictment under cooperation agreements with members of the Oath Keepers who have pleaded guilty.

According to an oath-keeper identified in court records as “Defendant 4” who is cooperating with the investigation, Beeks reached out to the oath-keeper group when they went to the Capitol and said he was a member. Prosecutors later found that Beeks had paid fees to the Oath Keepers organization two weeks before the attack.

Beeks wore a helmet and a body camera, Defendant 4 said, and carried a self-made shield that he claimed was bulletproof.

Unlike other Oath Keepers who came to the Capitol in body armor, Beeks was photographed wearing a Michael Jackson BAD World Tour jacket. Beeks regularly acts as a Michael Jackson impersonator, as noted in a court document by FBI agents. His YouTube page describes him as “one of the top Michael Jackson tribute artists in the US”.

Inside the building, Beeks was working with a group of oath guards who, according to court documents, were trying to break through a line of police officers guarding a hallway leading to the Senate Chamber.

Federal investigators watched Beeks – who goes by the stage name “James T. Justis” – do two of the show’s traveling appearances in California this month to confirm his identity prior to his arrest on Tuesday. They also compared photos of Beeks’ ear in the Capitol to a singing video he posted on YouTube.

The next production of Jesus Christ Superstar started on Tuesday, the day Beeks was arrested. He is no longer listed as part of the cast.

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