According to Rep. Ted Lieu. an inherent disdain for Trump and his cronies could come



On Monday, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) declared his inherent law of contempt, which would fine Trump and his cronies $ 100,000 if they defy a subpoena from Congress.

Video from Rep. Lieu:

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) says the House of Representatives can pass laws that don’t require a Senate vote and that they will take action if the DOJ doesn’t prosecute Steve Bannon.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 25, 2021

Rep. Lieu told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace about Deadline: White House: “I hope the department for J.ustice is following Steve Bannon with this transfer of the criminal contempt. My fear is that Steve Bannon will just process that, Appeal to the Supreme Court and two years later we get one decision and he could make that Clock off. That’s why I introduced Legislation that allows the HUse of representatives too perform what is called inherent Contempt. We could punish witnesses up to $ 100,000 for disobedience Subpoenas. Then we’ll see Steve Bannon wants to be fined $ 100,000. “

When asked if he had the support to pass the law, Rep. Lieu replied: “I. I believe. It was co-authored by numerous congressmen beautiful. I also note that this doesn’t require an enate. It’s just a move to the house Rules. So we could do it all fast. “

The house needs a backup plan if the DOJ isn’t prosecuted.

Note that Lieu’s bill does not require a Senate vote as it does not lock Trump cronies in the Capitol jail. It would take a Senate vote to arrest those found in disregard, and a Senate vote simply will not take place.

It would be nice if the fine in Rep. Lieu’s bill was even higher. Steve Bannon has money. He may not care about a $ 100,000 fine. A fine of millions of dollars would get everyone’s attention.

Rep. Lieu’s bill has some teeth and it would be a good replacement plan if Merrick Garland’s DOJ drops the ball on Steve Bannon’s indictment.

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