Poll: What should the next Google Pixel product be?


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Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Google’s Pixel lineup is more than just smartphones, as we’ve seen Chromebooks and tablets before too. Nowadays, the pixels that aren’t phones are generally headphones and wireless chargers.

We’ve seen rumors of new Pixel devices like a foldable one and a laptop, but we want you to tell us what the next Google Pixel product should be. Let us know by voting in the poll below.

One long rumored Pixel device is a Pixel Watch, and it would make sense for the company to offer a smartwatch to showcase Wear OS 3. However, our own Jimmy Westenberg thinks this is unlikely.

Meanwhile, a Pixel laptop or tablet seems logical too, given the work-from-home movement during the pandemic. We’ve also heard rumors for a while that the company has a foldable or two up its sleeve. And that would make sense if Google really wanted to take on Samsung in the high-end segment.

Is your desired Pixel product category not in the survey? Then select the option “other” and leave a comment below with your selection.

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