World Cup every two years threatens other sports and gender equality, says IOC


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France defeated Croatia in the last World Cup final in 2018

The International Olympic Committee believes that Fifa’s plans to hold a men’s World Cup every two years pose a threat to other sports and gender equality.

Biennial World Cups could lead to a clash between the football showpiece and the Olympic Games – an important event on the women’s football calendar.

An IOC statement said conflict with other events would undermine “the diversity and development” of sport.

It added that more men’s events would create “challenges” for women’s football.

At the beginning of October it was said in a joint statement by Uefa and 10 European women’s leagues could be “deeply harmful”.

In September Men’s leagues confirmed their opposition to the idea of ​​the world association Fifawhich would mean that the Women’s World Cup will be held in the same summer as a major men’s tournament.

The IOC said it “shares the concerns” expressed by other sports associations, including about the well-being of players.

The Olympic governing body said it supported calls for a wider consultation with representatives of the athletes, adding that this “apparently has not happened”.

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