Blumhouse Wolfman film script still in development with Ryan Gosling



The script for the remake of Blumhouse Pictures The wolf man starring Ryan Gosling is still in development, says producer Jason Blum. One of the most iconic universal monsters, the Wolf Man first appeared in the 1941 film starring Lon Channey Jr. In 2010, a remake with Benenco Tel Toro in the title role was made after a very problematic production with negative reviews and was a box-office bomb.

After Universal tried to revive their monster’s property with the 2017 critical and box office bug from The Mummy, they discarded their plans for their cinematic universe called Dark Universe. The studio decided to make standalone horror stories, the first being The Invisible Man from 2020, which was a box-office hit and critical hit. Shortly after its success, the studio teamed up The Invisible Man director Leigh Whannell and producer Jason Blum to direct another monster character, The Wolfman, which had already starred actor Ryan Gosling.

In an interview with Collider, producer Jason Blum confirmed that they are still writing a script for The Wolfman. The successful horror producer says they are waiting for the script to be just right for star Ryan Gosling, with whom the actor is comfortable. Ryan Gosling is very involved with The Wolfman as the film received the green light from its pitch at Universal Pictures. Blum said:

“Wolfman, we’re also working on the script, have to get the script right. In this case, it’s Ryan Gosling …

The Wolfman is one of many projects based on the Universal Monsters that the studio has planned. Eternals director Chloé Zhao is developing a science fiction western Dracula film in the studio, while Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is developing a separate Dracula project based on the supporting character Reinfeld. Elizabeth Banks is said to be directing The Invisible Woman, which has no connection with the previously released Invisible Man. James Wan is working on a new version of Frankenstein. Meanwhile, Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley has the live-action / animated hybrid Little Monsters, which is aimed at younger audiences.

Gosling’s involvement in The Wolfman came as a surprise to many as the actor eschewed large franchise IP-controlled films in favor of character-centered stories like First Man or original objects like Drive and La La Land. Gosling has been considered for a number of high profile films, including The Lone Ranger, 2017 Beauty and the Beast, The Joker in Suicide Squad, and the Sinister Six film developed by Sony. Gosling starred in Blade Runner 2049, a sequel to a very influential film, and Gosling himself has never expressed a disinterest in franchise films. Given that he served The wolf man For Universal it seems like he is very passionate about this particular project.

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