Mattress buying guide 2021: What to look out for when choosing a mattress


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$ 3,000 and more: With these luxury mattresses there are no limits. Expect even denser foams and thicker layers of them. In general, these mattresses can withstand heavier loads and wear and tear. With hybrid and innerspring models, you’ll see seemingly exorbitant high coil counts, hand tufting (like the Asteria Beth, a high-end pick in our innerspring guide, although it’s often available for less), and overall fine materials (like Joma Wool and even Horsehair). These are nice perks, but at a certain price you won’t necessarily sleep that much more comfortably than on a mattress that costs a thousand dollars less. Many of the experts we spoke to said that mattresses over $ 5,000 don’t necessarily get more comfortable; What you get is more luxury (Egyptian or organic cotton, as opposed to plain old cotton for example), better tailoring, and nicer aesthetics.

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