Johnny Depp still hoping to be named by Disney for Pirates of the Caribbean Future Projects?


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Does Johnny Depp have any hopes for future Pirates of the Caribbean projects? (Photo credit – IMDb)

With every month that went by in the past year, Johnny Depp became the favorite child of the controversy and managed to be constantly by the storm. But even before the much-talked-about libel process ended, the actor was kept away from the franchise that made him a world-famous actor. It’s been three years since Disney sidelined the actor from his career-defining role, Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Johnny first became Jack Sparrow in 2003, and it has been almost 2 decades since fans loved the antiques he brought to the big screen. In Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) he played the role one last time and his future in the future was at stake. But now that the makers are planning several films in the same universe and none have it yet, the fans are of course discouraged.

But it turns out that Johnny Depp hasn’t left hope and is still waiting for that call. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this update of the day, and let us know your reactions as well.

Reports over the months have speculated that about 5 pirate films will develop out of the franchise, one of which is a direct sequel and another spin-off with Margot Robbie. One would expect that there has to be some presence from the star who made the franchise it is today. Johnny Depp feels the lady. According to a We Got This Covered report, hr is still hoping the phone will buzz and someone will call him to appear in the movie.

He is open to any invitation, be it a brief cameo or a longer supporting role. Fans have been demanding his comeback to the franchise for months. It will be interesting to see how they react to this news. Stay tuned for more about Koimoi.

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