Taylor Swift shares her version of 1989 single “Wildest Dreams”


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Taylor Swift releases ‘My Version’ of 1989 ‘Wiltest Dreams’ (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Taylor Swift announced a surprise rework of their 1989 single “Wiltest Dreams” on their social media on Friday.

“Hi!” She wrote on a Twitter and Instagram story, “I saw Wildest Dreams was hot on Tiktok, thought you should have my version.”

Hi! Saw Wildest Dreams trending on Tiktok, thought you should have my version 😘😘😘😘https: //t.co/dZSBbSCcxV pic.twitter.com/MecFvUPNJb

– Taylor Swift (@ taylorswift13) September 17, 2021

Inspired by her fans who are trending the song on TikTok, Swift posted a clip with the new version of ‘Wildest Dreams’ on TikTok, along with the caption, “Someone said slow zoom makes you look like the main character of the I said do it in Taylor’s version please. “

Two hours later she released another video of the re-recording, with the on-screen text saying, “You set a date with Red in November, but then someone mentions 1989,” referring to her two different albums, the both are to be republished reports Variety.com.

The original version of the song, released in 2014, has been trending lately on TikTok, and people use it alongside videos where the camera slowly zooms in on their face. Swift re-recorded their first six albums after an argument with their old label.

‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ is slated for November 19th.

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