One of the best Diablo likes and a cult strategy game classic is available for free on Steam



If you want to try some PC classics, THQ Nordic is here. Ahead of tomorrow’s big announcement stream with Geoff Keighley, the publisher, who now owns all the games that you rented exactly once as a child, canceled a 100% discount on two of its PC classics. Titan Quest and Jagged Alliance are now available for free.

You can download Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition and Jagged Alliance 1: Gold Edition for free from their Steam pages using the appropriate links. Both promotions are available through Thursday, September 23rd. However, once you avail them, they will stay in your library forever as if you actually bought them.

THQ Nordic is also offering some big discounts on its modern expansions for Titan Quest. Ragnarok is 75% cheaper at $ 4.99 / £ 4.49 / € 4.99, while Atlantis is 67% cheaper, bringing the price up to $ 4.94 / £ 4.61 / € 4.94.

A broader 10th anniversary sale from THQ Nordic also brings further discounts. I would start here by listing titles, but well … it’s just so much. So much

For more free PC games, you can follow this link.

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