Justice for the J6 rally could be empty as local terrorists are too scared to show up



The same domestic extremist groups that showed up to attack the Capitol are warning their supporters to stay away from the Justice for J6 rally.

NBC News reported:

The postponement provides a glimpse into the dynamics of some of the most active and extremist online forums after Jan 6, which has resulted in hundreds of arrests. Paranoia drives a lot of conversation and seems to hamper the ability of some extremists to organize themselves on the open web.

“Now explain how we should protest without the FBI tearing your door down and ending up in a DC jail without a trial. I was at the Capitol on J6, ”one user wrote on TheDonald. “Any protest after J6 is prepared to be a false flag. And you can’t talk about the ‘next level’ here either without the authorities breaking your door. “

The terrorists are afraid of being arrested and thrown in jail

Without feeling like they have a friend in the Oval Office to protect them, local terrorists hesitate to show their faces at the Justice for J6 rally. The change of tone is the by-product of so many terrorists killed in the attack on the Capitol on Sept.

The local terrorists do not want to be prosecuted and imprisoned, so they warn their supporters to avoid the event in DC on Saturday. Some may disagree with the sentences passed for the attack on the Capitol, but the threat of jail time seems to be an effective deterrent.

Without Donald Trump to organize and incite them, local terrorists don’t seem nearly as confident and brave as they did before 1/6.

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