Ibai Llanos, the young man football stars want to talk to


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Others have followed suit. A few months ago Llanos started a weekly segment with long interviews on his channel: “Chatting Quietly”. Footballers such as Dybala, the Juventus striker, Ramos, the former Real Madrid captain, and Agüero himself were guests.

That a 26-year-old streamer can attract names of this magnitude has sparked criticism in the more traditional media.

“Who is it? Now it is fashionable to talk to Ibai. I called Aguero to talk and Ibai hit me. Ibai hit me and I have to give up,” said the Argentine announcer Gustavo López with the powerful, with those who make money. We who are humble, who make little money and are in pesos, are nimble. ”Others ridiculed Llanos as” cheerleaders “and not as journalists.

For Llanos, however, that is the question. “Maybe I’m the type of person you like,” he said of the players. “A little different”. He’s not trying to invade her private life. He’s not trying to ask challenging questions, which is usually just their job for them. Instead, try to talk to them as informally as possible while they are doing something – playing video games – that they like.

“They come because they like it,” he said. “You are not paid. They come because they want to come ”.

The motivation of the players is perhaps a little more calculated. “Twitch is the platform for Gen Z,” says Julian Aquilina, broadcast specialist at the media research company Enders Analysis. “It mainly attracts very young and mostly male users. It’s a very different audience than that of traditional radio stations ”. Llanos offers this audience a valued path: for example, his interview with Dybala drew more than 100,000 live viewers, mostly teenagers.

However, there is no question that it is more attractive to the biggest football stars than a more formal interview. “Twitch feels more like a community,” said Aquilina. “It’s a lot more interactive.” It was interesting to at least one of Llanos’ guests that talking to him didn’t feel like an interview at all. There were no cameras, no audio devices, no call-and-answer questions and no defined structure. Players feel safe talking to someone who is like a friend.

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