Leaked Redfall images show first and third person modes and lots of loot



A few days before the studio’s new title Deathloop was released, some leaked images for Arcane’s co-op vampire game Redfall went online. Redfall’s leaked screenshots seem to show the possibility of playing in first person or third person perspective and in some very Dishonored or Half-Life 2 settings.

Arcane’s next game, Redfall, was revealed on the Xbox / Bethesda show last June at E3, but although Bethesda has given a release date for the relatively soon summer of 2022, Bethesda has not revealed anything about the vampire hunting shooter since then – despite the official site saying that it will bring Arcane’s “signature gameplay into the cooperative action and FPS genres”.

These leaked images first appeared in a now-deleted Imgur post and of course quickly spread online. They appear to be from an early, work in progress build as at least one of the screenshots shows a temporary test area. Consequently, none of the images should be taken as representative of Redfall’s final quality, especially since Bethesda chose not to publish them.

What seems most interesting is the fact that there seems to be the option to switch between first-person and third-person perspectives, something that hasn’t been seen in any of Arkane’s games before – and a bit of a surprise when considering that Redfall was describing this as a first person shooter. It is possible that a third person is only available at certain times.

Redfall pic.twitter.com/fkxjwTqRID

– Gersix (@ gersix123) September 11, 2021

That being said, Redfall seems a lot more of an online loot shooter than many fans might have expected – complete with gun grades, an item shop, currency, and other trappings of Borderlands-style games. The screenshots also show some coastal areas that are either straight from Dishonored or Half-Life 2 – so maybe Art Director Viktor Antonov, who worked on both games, is working on the project.

We’ll hopefully get more official Redfall pics soon, but for now – don’t judge the game by these leaked pics as things may change.

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