Kayleigh McEnany says Taliban knew Trump would pay them – see Biden as weak


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Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Friday that the Taliban knew there would be an impact on their actions under Donald Trump, adding that they view President Joe Biden as weak.

McEnany said so on her Fox News show “Inferior” when she responded to Biden blaming Trump’s Taliban deal for the current disaster in Afghanistan.

McEnany ends

“Guess what? Joe Biden, it wasn’t President Trump who set this arbitrary deadline,” McEnany said. “That’s what a senior intelligence officer told me, he became a red line of the Taliban. You did. It wasn’t President Trump pulling the military out before civilians. You did. “

“It wasn’t President Trump who gave the Taliban a death list,” she added. “You did that. It wasn’t President Trump who shut down Bagram. You did that, and the President of the United States laid his head on that podium. That tells you everything you need to know. “

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“We used to have a commander-in-chief who described General Kellogg to me, strategically called the head of the Taliban after Soleimani was killed, strategically said in the second call that American troops are being killed, and he described me in very clear language.” I can do that don’t repeat because it’s secret, ”McEnany continued.

“But this language, which the Taliban understood, had an impact under President Trump,” she concluded. “There is one weakness in President Joe Biden who doesn’t deserve the title of Commander-in-Chief.”

McEnany blows up Biden

This came days after McEnany beat Biden and his government for dealing with the crisis in Afghanistan.

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“I have to turn it over to the Pentagon Press Corps. The questions they asked are deep, they are smart, tough, the kind of things Americans want to know and deserve, ”McEnany said. “But we don’t get any answers. The only thing we learned from this is that the Biden government is really bad in numbers.

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“You cannot tell us how many people died at the airport in Kabul,” she added. “And they can’t tell us the number of Americans stranded in Afghanistan, and they can’t tell us the number of al-Qaeda. It’s far more than zero, they don’t have a number. “

This piece was written by James Samson on August 30th, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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