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It’s holiday weekend, which means we are heading for a wave of mattress sales from retailers and brands. If you don’t want to replace your sagging mattress with a new one, now is the time to take a bite of the bullet?

We have followed the countless mattress deals over the past few months so we can tell you which mattress deals are a real bargain.

Below we’ve rounded up our five favorite deals, including deals on some of the most popular mattresses people have searched for online and deals on already cheap mattresses if you’re on a tight budget.

Each scores decently on our tests – but keep in mind that not all mattresses are suitable for all people and we have uncovered issues that can bother some sleepers but not others.

Click the links below to read our full review of each mattress and find out which mattress is perfect for you.

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Best mattress sales

Emma The Original foam mattress: 45% discount

  • We like: Not too warm to lie on, does not have to be turned, comes with a 200-night sleep test
  • We don’t like: Softer than you might expect

Our rating of The Original is the most popular mattress review on our website. And the current 45% discount is the best deal we’ve seen from Emma this year for that bed-in-a-box mattress.

And it’s been reduced many times over the past year, including Black Friday last year and Easter 2021. But this deal, which drops the usual price (£ 699) to £ 384.45, is the best we’ve seen so far. We saw one that got close (42% off) but you needed a special code from social media.

If you’ve been waiting for a good time to purchase this mattress, we’d say go for it. The summer holiday offer is only available until Monday.

Made from a 19 cm foam core, with an additional 2 cm thick layer of memory foam and 4 cm normal foam, this memory foam mattress is not too warm to lie on. Which could be a bonus if the sun is shining on this holiday. It comes to your front door vacuum packed in a box, which makes it ideal if you live in a place with an awkward staircase.

It comes with a 200 night trial, and while Emma says this mattress is medium firm, it was rated 8th in our independent tests (with one being the firmest and 10 the softest).

Read our full Emma Original Mattress Review or buy direct from Emma or John Lewis now.

Simba Hybrid mattress: 35% discount

  • We like: Comes with a 200 night sleep sample, not too hot to sleep
  • We don’t like: Available online only

Simba’s 35% discount on the popular hybrid mattress brings the price down to £ 571.35 (from £ 879). We’ve seen a 35% discount before, but this year we haven’t seen a better deal (yet).

And with no restrictions (at the moment) you can just buy it without spending a minimum amount, no code or being a new customer.

The Simba Hybrid offers the best of both worlds, combining multiple layers including a foam covered mini pocket spring layer and a zoned support base underneath.

It’s another bed-in-a-box brand, which means it comes vacuum-packed in a box so you can easily get the room of your choice.

It comes with a 200 night sleep test.

Read our full Simba Hybrid Mattress Review or buy it from Simba now.

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Jay-Be Benchmark S3 open spring mattress: 20% discount

JayBe S3 mattress

  • We like: Affordable, not very difficult, no need to flip
  • We don’t like: It has several different names (which makes it difficult to find deals), no sleep test

This affordable open hairspring is currently 20% off Argos (called the S3 Memory Eco Friendly Double) so it’s a little bargain at £ 192 (reduced from £ 240).

The Argos newsletter is also offering £ 5 off £ 40 at Argos online so you could get this mattress even cheaper using the code. There is no sleep sample with this mattress, but it comes rolled up so getting home is a breeze.

Don’t let the name fool you: this mattress consists of a central core of 16 cm open coil springs covered with layers of fiber and mats made from recycled bottles, not memory foam. According to Jay-Be, this bespoke storage e-fiber is a greener choice.

We encountered an issue with this otherwise decent mattress that may be bothering some.

Read our full Jay-be Benchmark S3 mattress review to find out what it was, or buy it from Argos now.

Eve Sleep Lighter Hybrid Mattress: Save 35%

Eve lighter hybrid

  • We like: Comes with a 100 night sleep test, removable and washable top cover, no flipping required
  • We don’t like: Feels warm for sleeping, no handles to move

Eves Summer Sale runs until September 2nd and offers 35% off mattresses until then, including the lighter hybrid, which is one of the cheaper hybrids. This is a good deal on par with the highest offers we’ve seen from Eve in the past few months. This brings a double mattress back to just £ 376 (from £ 579).

The Even Lighter Hybrid consists of a 10cm pocket spring core on which two layers of foam sit. This foam can provide a warm feeling to lie on, but it’s not too soft as our independent tests rate it as average strength. Not too hard and not too soft: will it be just right for you?

Read our full review of the Eve Sleep The Lighter Hybrid Mattress or buy it now at Eve Sleep.

Otty Original Hybrid Mattress: 35% discount

Otty mattress

  • We like: Washable cover, 100-night sleep test, average warmth (despite layers of foam)
  • We don’t like: There is a little memory effect when you lie on it

You will no doubt have seen this popular Otty mattress on social media. This holiday weekend, Otty is offering 35% off the original hybrid mattress, bringing the price down to £ 487.49 (down from £ 749.99).

This isn’t the highest discount we’ve ever seen, but for less than £ 500 it’s not a bad deal on this mattress.

This mattress has a lot going for it – a 17 cm core of micro pocket springs sandwiched between a 4 cm layer of foam underneath, plus a 3 cm layer of foam topped with 2 cm of memory foam that is closest to where you sleep.

Despite all the foam, it’s not too warm to sleep in, but there is a very little memory effect.

Read our full Otty Hybrid Mattress Review or buy it from Otty now.

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The five most important things to look for in a mattress

Not sure if you want one of these but confused by the nightmarish range of mattresses on offer? Our mattress experts will guide you through the five most important things to look out for when buying a mattress:

Mattress type

With four main types of mattresses, it matters which one you prefer: memory foam, foam or latex, pocket springs and open coil springs all have a different feel when you sleep on them. Some feel warm to the touch while sleeping while others feel cool to the touch.

Softness vs. firmness

Firmness is subjective and manufacturers describe the firmness of their mattresses in different ways.

We use an independent test to rate the firmness of a mattress instead of saying it is soft or firm. When it comes to firmness, the most important thing is to try a mattress if you can.

Bed in a box or rolled?

If your bedroom is up a steep flight of stairs or you live somewhere with awkward hallways, a bed-in-a-box mattress may be the answer. These come rolled up and come in a box, which makes them much easier to carry around.

Sleep tests

Many bed-in-a-box mattresses come with sleep paths because you usually can’t try them out before you buy. Some other brands and retailers also offer mattress sleep tests or a variation.

Before you buy, double-check what is on offer, especially if you are not buying direct, and review all shop policies.

Natural fillings

Some mattresses claim to be made from natural fillings that can be better for the environment than foam or memory foam. However, there are variations in mattress constructions, some have a token layer while others are mainly made of wool, cotton, or other natural fibers.

Before you buy, check whether this is important to you.

Do you have an old mattress that you need to recycle? Learn how to dispose of a mattress.

Prices correct at the time of writing. Prices and offers can change quickly.

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