Olympia Gallery: Jennifer Valente and her Omnium gold medal win


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Jennifer Valente was the first US female train driver to win an Olympic gold medal at the Omnium event on Sunday since 2000.

The 27-year-old survived a late fall in the multi-format race to dive into the record books and adequately reward years of preparation and pressure to anchor the U.S. women’s track team in Tokyo.

“Olympic gold … that’s how it sounds, I can’t get over it,” said Valente at the finish.

“I think there were 100 different emotions in me and the biggest thing is that none of them had started yet. I don’t know if they still got in or if they understand what it means to be an Olympic champion. It was very emotional and it’s been a long five years and I’m so happy with this result. “

Valentes outstanding omnium win over Yumi Kajihara (Japan) and Kirsten Wild (Netherlands) earned the USA their only cycling gold medal at the Tokyo Games.

Here’s a look at the dramatic day of racing.

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