The 8 Best Twin Mattresses On Amazon That Money Can Buy In 2021 – Reviews Of Twin Size Mattresses


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I know you would probably wish you just bought a king size mattress, but sometimes the stars just don’t match and you’re forced to look for a smaller one. Like a twin size. Maybe you’re moving into a dorm or setting up a guest room (and a queen bed isn’t the right move right now). Maybe it’s for a kid, or maybe your space is just very tight. Whatever the situation, it should be a mighty good mattress – and we have some great options for you below.

Not only are they great, but they’re also ~ available on Amazon ~ (so you can get Prime shipping and throw in some other must-haves while you’re at it). The nice thing about buying mattresses online from a place like Amazon is the ability to read through all of the reviews before you buy. Because, as we all know, we can’t really try the IRL bed before we sift through our credit card information. Go ahead and buy the best twin mattresses on Amazon below!

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this super cheap

6-inch spring mattress – twin

I’m just saying this $ 100 mattress has a 4.5 star rating and over 53,000 reviews. If you are on a budget I would definitely start here.


this cooling

Original twin adaptive foam mattress

Tuft & needle

$ 645.00

If you are a hot sleeper (my condolences) then you absolutely need a cooling mattress – and this Tuft & Needle mattress is for you. It consists of heat-dissipating graphite and cooling gel, which is then provided with a breathable plush cover so that you no longer have to wake up in a pool of sweat.


this breathable

Sleeping element mattress, twin

Casper sleep

$ 395.00

Here’s another cooling, breathable option! This Casper mattress (a favorite of all mattresses) has a perforated foam layer that lets the air in much better than your old memory foam bed.


this bundle

Twin gel memory foam mattress plus two pillows


$ 392.61

This bed-in-a-box mattress is made of gel memory foam that promises to “adapt to the areas of your body that need it most”. In other words, it caresses all of your beautiful curves and relieves pressure points. There are also two free pillows. SCORE.


this hybrid

8 inch memory foam and innerspring hybrid mattress

Linen spa

$ 126.53

If you prefer your bed to be medium-seldom medium firm, give this hybrid mattress a try. It has a traditional steel coil base and a soft memory foam top layer to give you a comfortable feel that is still supportive.


this pressure reliever

6 inch green tea memory foam mattress

Yes you’ve read correctly. This one has a memory foam layer enriched with green tea and charcoal to keep it fresh and odorless. It also relieves pressure, so you can finally wake up without pain.


this gel memory foam

Gel memory foam 12 inch mattress

Gel foam mattresses are ideal for hot sleepers due to their temperature regulating properties. And this one in particular has a cooling gel layer that draws heat away from your body and adapts to all your curves at the same time.


this hypoallergenic

5 inch cooling gel infusion, hypoallergenic mattress

Thanks to its memory foam enriched with bamboo and charcoal, this mattress is naturally hypoallergenic – ideal for those who are always looking for ways to reduce allergy triggers (hi, me).

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