Dead Cells adds new optional features to reduce ragequitting



Dead Cells is officially celebrating its third birthday and the villainous platformer isn’t done yet. The latest Alpha adds a few new features designed to help simplify the difficulty curve for new and dilapidated players alike. Oh, and difficulty stickers can stay calm: these are all completely optional.

The first new feature is a training room where you can “hone your skills against all the mobs and bosses you’ve seen,” with the exception of one particular corrupting boss. You can just jump right in, do a couple of zero stake practice bouts, and then get back into a proper run once you’ve warmed up.

Another new function is called Aspects. These are “extremely strong forces” that make runs a lot easier. For example, they allow you to get a feel for new biomes without having to fight your way through every inch. The tradeoff is that if you beat the game at the end of the game, you will not be able to earn the next boss cell if you use Aspects. However, aspects can be used to reach new areas and, Motion Twin hopes, to discover more of the game – and possibly give up less often.

Thanks to several updates and the Fatal Falls DLC, there are now some potential paths through Dead Cells. Now you can find your way around with the new world map function. Practical!

To access the alpha branch, find Dead Cells in your Steam library and right click. Select Properties, then go to the Betas tab. Use the first drop-down box there to select “Alpha – Not for the faint of heart”. Close the properties menu and wait for Dead Cells to update. Voila, you are in Alpha now.

Motion Twin indicates that the alpha is still in the alpha, so you may find that it is less stable than the main branch. If you’re ok with this, check out the new features.

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