Trump is pumping a lot of money into Ohio elementary school for fear of another candidate he supported



Donald Trump has to do something. His business career is in tatters thanks to a New York State investigation. He would like to become president again, but has to wait another 3 years before he even runs.

And to become a candidate in 2024, Trump must maintain control of the Republicans. Things are going pretty well right now and the GOP has essentially ceded power to the former president.

But Trump has to help Republicans win seats. One of his first attempts to do so recently failed. Susan Wright lost an area code for Texas 6th Congressional District despite an endorsement and robocalls.

The next test will take place in Ohio, where Trump supports Mike Carey in the 15th district primary race. According to CNBC, the former president is late pumping money into the race fearing his reputation could be damaged if Carey loses.

Christina Wilke writes: “The former president has put all of his political branding on his kingmaker status in the Republican Party. A second defeat for a Trump-backed candidate in as many weeks would seriously undermine Trump’s aura of invincibility. “

Trump is currently the favorite in 2024. There are a number of scenarios in which he could lose his footing. Not being able to get candidates elected would be a big problem.

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