How to stop speaking while you sleep


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CNN: Over two-thirds of people talk in their sleep at some point in their lives.

Talking in your sleep is a parasomnia disorder called somniloquia, and experts aren’t sure exactly why this happens, said Dr. Kannan Ramar, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

“Some episodes of sleep talk can last 30 seconds and happen only once in a blue moon, while others report longer periods and more sleep talk within a sleep period,” said Rebecca Robbins, sleep scientist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and medical instructor at Harvard Medical School.

If you find that your partner keeps waking up from your conversation, changing your lifestyle with less alcohol and more hours of sleep could help, Robbins said. Finding ways to reduce stress is also important, she added.

Ramar said people shouldn’t drink caffeine in the afternoon and they should try to fall asleep and wake up at similar times to regulate their sleep record to better analyze and resolve the situation.

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