MMO Grand Chase returns and instantly hits Steam’s Top 10



KOG Studios’ Grand Chase was an MMO-style version of side-scrolling brawlers that first hit the market in 2003. I say “was” because the game was retired in 2015 – but the developers felt it appropriate to bring it back with a new version of Steam. Obviously the old players are coming along, as the game reached the upper class of current Steam games pretty much immediately.

Grand Chase has peaked at 78,849 concurrent players as shown by SteamDB, and that number continues to grow. That makes it currently the sixth largest game on Steam, between long-running hits like Rust and Apex Legends. User reviews of the comeback are currently “mostly positive” as players are happy to have Grand Chase back online, but skeptical of the outdated mechanics and free monetization.

Grand Chase offers 20 characters that you can customize through jobs and skill trees. You can lead your character through cooperative (or solo) battles through dungeons or enter PvP battles for two to six players.

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