Everything We Know About Apex Legends Season 10 – New Legend, Map Changes, New Weapon


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Apex legends Season 10 begins on August 3, 2021. It will be called Emergence and will feature a number of new changes to the game including a new legend, seers, a new weapon, the Rampage LMG, and significant changes to World’s Edge.

A brand new Stories from the Outlands, Metamorphosis, adds a little bit of lore about the new Seer legend in typical Apex fashion. As always, the art style is unique and shows how much effort has gone into these short productions.

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What do we know about seers so far? Not much besides the name. More details with exact skills and more will be announced over the next few weeks, though there are already a clue or two in place.

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The Emergence official release page tells us that Seer has “micro-drones” and an “artist eye”. It will be interesting to see if another drone hero in Apex fits into the meta or how our poor boy Crypto falls aside.

World’s Edge is the next area of ​​the game that is changing. Entirely new areas of the map are being destroyed, as is the general pattern of map updates in Apex. From some teasers so far (thanks to @shrugtal, as always) it looks like the sky block is back in its usual bright blue. If that’s true, that’s great news. Anything to get rid of that strange red spot.

It will be another new weapon with the arrival of Season 10: the Rampage LMG, which apparently was designed by Rampart. Another LMG, you say? After the Spitfire dominated the meta for several months? Oh yeah, it’s another LMG. It has a “surprising source of firepower” that is interesting and could suggest a new type of ammunition?

Last but not least, Ranked Arenas will appear in Season 10. There are unique ranks for both arenas and regular ranked mode, although it looks like you will get a very special badge if you have every Apex Predator in both types of ranked playlist.

Overall, despite Emergence that got the Apex hype back, it was still difficult weeks for Respawn‘s Battle Royale. The public discourse about the increased hacking rate has left many competitive gamers feeling burned out, with #SaveApexRanked even trending on Twitter a few weeks ago.

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Will the new season be enough? We will see.

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