Congressman accuses Kevin McCarthy of covering up Trump on 1/6



representative Madeleine Dean (D-PA) said Kevin McCarthy is doing a 1/6 cover-up for Trump that will backfire.

Video from Rep. Dean:

MP Madeleine Dean (D-PA) accused Kevin McCarthy of running a 1/6 cover-up for Trump.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 21, 2021

Rep. Dean said of the MSNBC White House deadline: “ Leader’s wailing McCarthy and says he’ll go down above a new commission is just a discover. What is he afraid of learning? about the truth and facts of which led to January 6th, What happened on January 6th, What did the President do, and what did he miss? What have others done to help either? or favor that? What is he afraid of? What I’m afraid of, we won’t learn from it and we shall have History repeats itself. Our democracy is at stake here , and Leader McCarthy must get out of the way. “

The 1/6 cover-up for Trump will fail

Kevin McCarthy’s cover-up will fail because his efforts to discredit the investigation before it begins cannot cover up the truth when it comes out.

Leader McCarthy devastated the constitution and bought his way into the gold of the political fool named Donald Trump.

McCarthy is running a cover-up to become House Speaker in 2023.

Rep. McCarthy is conducting a cover-up operation as no other reason makes sense to drag all of his selections onto the 1/6 committee.

It doesn’t matter how many Republicans are on the committee, the truth will emerge.

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