Early concepts for Wii remotes were discovered in the Nintendo Gigaleak


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As you may recall, last year Nintendo fell victim to a massive “gigaleak” – the revelation of the company’s past secrets, source code, unused assets, never-before-seen characters, and more.

Now, more than a year later, it seems like new knowledge is still being gained, and today we’re bringing you a picture of some of the early designs of the Wii Remote. This comes courtesy of the Forest of Illusion Twitter account, which is solely focused on maintaining Nintendo.

Early Wii Mote designs. pic.twitter.com/GYAb9dLqdS– Forest of Illusion (@forestillusion) July 20, 2021

As you can see, all of the designs are very different from the final version of the product. Some even look more like a TV remote in the upper half. Oh, and they’re also colored lime green – a color Nintendo presented before the system was released.

While it can’t be seen in the image above, it was also pointed out by the Nintendo Enthusiast that the concept designs may have been smaller than the final version of the product. However, this is only based on comparing the D-Pad.

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What do you think of these early Wii remote control concepts? Did you end up being a fan of the final design? Leave a comment below.

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