Donald Trump: Pressure on ex-presidents in tax cases is growing


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WHEN he was a television star known as The Donald, former President Trump could always twist himself out of a difficult situation. After all, he was the self-proclaimed master of the deal.

The 45th President of the USA also demonstrated a remarkable ability in the White House to repel the anti-aircraft guns that were coming at him.

However, since he stepped down so uncomfortably in January, problems have been mounting for Trump, and recent moves in New York State’s persecution of his eponymous organization may be something not even he can get out of. It has only been a few weeks since Trump’s tax fraud charges were brought against Trump’s close friend and ally Allen Weisselberg and the Trump organization itself.

According to the investigation website The Daily Beast, Weißelberg’s former daughter-in-law Jennifer has decided to work with Manhattan investigators who are investigating the Trump organization.

The main allegations against CFO Weisselberg are that he and the Trump company ran a tax evasion program. But yesterday the US press reported for the first time on allegations that directly concern Trump, who was the head of the organization at the time of the alleged crimes. According to reports in the US, Jennifer Weisselberg allegedly accused prosecutors that Donald Trump offered to pay her children’s private school fees instead of giving her then-husband Barry a raise. The payments were never registered.

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Jennifer Weisselberg made the claims in a Zoom interview with investigators on June 25, according to The Daily Beast, and if they are true, it could directly implicate Trump in the ongoing tax fraud case.

Vanity Fair magazine reported, “Is Donald Trump actually being held responsible for running a business that has been charged with conspiracy, aggravated theft, and multiple counts of tax fraud and record falsification, among other things?

“On the one hand, he never did, so why would anyone expect it to happen now? On the other hand, thanks to the work of the Manhattan prosecutors and helpful witnesses, he seems closer than ever to a situation in which he is spending many years in prison! ”

Trump Organization attorneys have not responded to the latest revelations but have previously denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

In a separate development, Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has admitted that the Trump Tower campaign kick-off was filled with paid actors.

Business Insider reported that Lewandoski admitted lying in 2016 when he said there were no paid actors involved.

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