Loki Episode 4 references to ‘Stronger Than Thanos’ Kang the Conqueror, Blade teased, Croc-Loki in the mid-credits scene


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Loki Episode 4 references to “Stronger Than Thanos” Kang The Conquerer, Blade teased, Croc-Loki in the mid-credits scene (Image Credit: Marvel / A Still From Loki)

Loki episode 4 is here & yes there is a reason this, along with the next episode, is Tom Hiddleston’s season favorite. Okay, before we move on, I want to remind you of our accurately predicted things from the first half of the season. We discussed how there is a love story just because Loki follows a ‘Lady Loki’ (as Sylvie was addressed earlier) in Loki Episode 2.

We’ve specifically circled how this season might be treated as the origin story of Ravonna Renslayer (played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw), and here she’s about to feature Kang The Conquerer in the next episode (more on that in the third point of this article. )). That being said, we’ve hinted at how the Time Variance Authority (TVA) is run by an evil master and how Loki would help Mobius find a way out. Well, once you watch Loki Episode 4 you will learn how all of these things fall into place.

Let’s take a look at what Loki Episode 5 might have in store for us.

1. Mobius & Loki are still alive

Loki episode 4Loki Episode 4 (Image Credit: Marvel / A Still From Loki)

Let’s start with an obvious one, because despite that shocking ending, the mid-credit scene kills the cliffhanger that Loki is dead. Because He is not, there is a place beyond the sacred timeline that people go to after they have been “circumcised.” So Mobius (played by Owen Wilson) is somewhere with his kind of variants. Indeed, Marvel will find a way to bring both brothers back on the sacred timeline to challenge the powers of the timekeepers. This is Loki’s fourth death in all Avengers sagas and we know “iska matlab yeh kabhi nahi jaayega, chaar saal ka kiraya dekar hi jaayega” (English translation: He will not die).

2. Who are the four creatures in the mid-credit scene? And what could happen next?

Loki episode 4Loki Episode 4 (Image Credit: Marvel / A Still From Loki)

No, they are not three. You are four. If you look closely at the group that Loki meets after being circumcised by Ravonna Renslayer, we see three people with a crocodile. These are Kid Loki (played by Jack Veal), Classic Loki (played by Richard E. Grant), Boastful Loki (played by DeObia Oparei) and the “aww” inspiring Croc-Loki with a crown. Why Boastful Loki? Because according to the comics, he’s the only version of Loki worthy enough to raise Brother Thor’s Mjolnir. There is definitely a lot of back and forth between all of these different versions of the God Of Mischief.

3. Ravonna Renslayer introduces her lover Kang The Conquerer?

Loki episode 4Loki Episode 4 (Image Credit: Marvel / A Still From Loki)

If you’ve been watching the show, you need to know that every “hunter” in TVA has a number, and so does the leader of them all, Ravonna. Her number is A-23, and the comic she first featured was also # 23. She was Kang The Conquerer’s love interest in the comics and the way she classified Mobius in friend zones, we know she has a personal agenda. Kang is considered more powerful than Thanos and could even appear before Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. This could serve as a teaser for what we’ll see of Kang in Marvel’s Phase 4.

4. Beginning of the madness of Multiverse

Loki episode 4Loki Episode 4 (Image Credit: Marvel / A Still From Loki)

With the inclusion of Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield’s Spidermen in Spider-Man: No Way Home, we know it’s just the beginning of the multiverse. But what if that happens before Spideys’ reunion? What if the introduction of multiple versions of Lokis in Loki Episode 4 is a strong indication of the multiverse? The fact that there is a place beyond the sacred timeline is enough to raise expectations of madness in this multiverse.

5. Teasing blade!

Loki episode 4Loki Episode 4 (Image Credit: Marvel / A Still From Loki)

When Mobius is prevented from interrogating Sylvie, he says to B15 (played by Wunmi Mosaku): “We brought in Kree, Titans and Vampires.” Krees, we saw Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thanos was a Titan, but a vampire? This is where Mahershala Ali’s Blade comes in. For the inexperienced, Blade is a half-vampire who hunts other vampires. Ali’s film was announced in 2019, but this could be his character introducing Easter Egg.

Before you check this out, read Loki Episode 3’s review for a quick recap!

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