What would it take to get rid of your current smartphone brand?


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Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Chances are you have a favorite smartphone brand, but what if this company completely changes, revamped their product list, increased their prices, or shed their responsibilities to customers? Would you continue to buy their products? What single factor would make you ditch your current smartphone brand for another?

There may be a few reasons to switch to another company’s products. OnePlus fans might be concerned that Oppo’s Color OS will become the company’s new software platform. For Samsung fans, the teething troubles of the original Galaxy Fold may still linger on the minds of those considering the company’s foldable devices. Sony users could be put off by the company’s high prices. iPhone enthusiasts could look to Android OEMs for innovative features.

Of course, there are also many reasons to stick with a single company whose boss is familiarity. But what would be the biggest reason for you to leave your previous smartphone brand?

We are excited for your opinion. Vote in the poll above. Also let us know which smartphone brand you are currently using and whether you are satisfied with their products.

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