Once Trump Org. Goes up belly, Trump is going to “sell pillows out there” [VIDEO]



It was announced on Wednesday that charges could be brought against the Trump organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg tomorrow. While Trump is unlikely to face charges tomorrow, his long-standing company is in grave danger.

And what would Trump do if his real estate company broke up? That was the question Nicolle Wallace asked her panel tonight. Commentator Claire McCaskill hilariously predicted he’d end up selling pillows.

The former Missouri Senator began: “Well, first of all, we know what the ex-president is going to do. He will lie. He will try to pretend this is an injustice on the part of the criminal justice system. But we also know what is important to him. And what is important to him is his branding. He built the brand and the Trump organization over decades with the help of the man who will be indicted tomorrow. “

Claire McCaskill suggests that Donald Trump sell pillows as soon as the Trump organization dissolves. pic.twitter.com/EyZmhVBTyq

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) June 30, 2021

McCaskill continued:

So all of this will really hurt Donald Trump, whether he admits it or not, because his business will never again be seen as a brilliant success by the people who have to see it as positive, the bankers, the financiers, the investors. He’s done. He’s done as a businessman. He’ll be out there selling pillows in about ten minutes. “

Trump has always had access to his company all his life. If that goes away, his fate will change dramatically. However, as McCaskill says, he will likely find a way to squeeze some money out of his followers.

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