Quanta Raises $ 245 Million As It Prepares To Investigate Use Of A Portable Dialysis Machine At Home


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In light of new funding, Quanta plans to start a study on its portable dialysis machine for home use. The Alcester, UK-based startup received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in December to use its device in a hospital or post-acute setting.

It is one of several companies that want to enter the home dialysis market, as established companies such as DaVita, CVS Health and Fresenius Medical Care want to expand their in-home offerings.

While home dialysis can save patients with chronic kidney disease from spending hours in dialysis centers each week, it still requires some training, support, and even knowing that it is an option.

Quanta recently raised $ 245 million in a Series D funding round led by Glenview Capital and Novo Holdings. It plans to use the funds to expand its operations in light of the recent release with a focus on the US. Part of the funds will also be used for a study the company is doing to support the release of the device for home use.

“We are delighted to have such a strong consortium of investors, which is a clear vote of confidence in our innovative approach to dialysis treatment,” said CEO John Milad in a press release. “Everyone knows that dialysis care needs to be improved. To do this, providers and physicians need products that allow greater flexibility to deliver dialysis directly to the patient while simplifying complexity and lowering the overall cost of care. “

Other device competitors also want to penetrate further into home dialysis. Last year, San Jose-based Outset Medical went public after gaining FDA approval for its device for home use.

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