MSNBC contributor outrageously claims Trump is still “greatest risk to the country”


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MSNBC employee Clint Watts has just shown how obsessed with Donald Trump the liberal media still is by claiming the former president is still “the country’s greatest risk.”

“The DHS is now concerned about a new conspiracy theory, a new Trump-inspired, Trump-instigated type of anger that White-Rage said yesterday to use General Milley’s words,” said host Nicolle Wallace. “It is; you are concerned about the conspiracy theory of the restoration of Trump. The exchange came in a members-only briefing given by John Cohen, the DHS ‘s senior counterterrorism officer, to the House Committee on Homeland Security.

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Clint Watts finishes off

Cohen told lawmakers, ‘DHS is not aware of any specific credible threats of violence related to the conspiracy theory of the re-establishment of Trump,’ but added, ‘DHS is following the online discussion of the issue in extremist communities’. He said, ‘Department officials are very concerned because it feeds the false narrative that the election was rigged and that is a narrative that can spark a violent reaction from extremists,’ “Watts replied, according to Mediaite.

“It’s just mind-boggling that the statements made by the twice-accused ex-president now pose a threat to national security every hour and every day,” he added. “It is remarkable that it continues. It’s also noteworthy because there’s still a significant online discussion about it, which means that you just believed in this conspiracy and saw everything from QAnon through January 6th, the inauguration going on, the voting failed, and you it is still to pursue this fantasy. “

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Watt doubles

“How would it not lead to violence over time if each of these horizons is selected in the conspiracy room and then does not occur?” Watts asked. “You commit to it over and over again. It’s particularly worrying, and I think one advantage we have is that the President isn’t on Twitter, Facebook, and a lot of social media. His website wasn’t particularly successful. It has dampened his ability to really rally that base, and he has only had a limited number of public appearances. “

“If that changed and the conspiracies revived, when you see some kind of sizeable audience, this DHS rating is spot on,” he concluded. “It actually articulates a clear risk. The greatest risk to the country is not really from abroad. It’s not even necessarily from inside the country, but from the last person who was in the White House. “

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This piece was written by James Samson on June 26th, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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