Vulgord’s Tower Steam Release Date Has Been Announced


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A new turn-based strategy game from Brian and Gage Magar is preparing to launch steam. This unique RPG experience caught media attention after a successful Kickstarter campaign was completed. Vulgord’s Tower is a combination of RPG and board game mechanics that challenges players to a unique tabletop simulation experience.

Fans of role-playing and fantasy board games will find this title fascinating as it runs on a card-based combat mechanic. Make it to the top, acquire keys and achieve success in this unique strategy experience. Be careful because this is a dangerous world full of magic, chaos and goodies.

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Vulgord’s Tower calls itself a fantasy adventure full of whims, woes and sorcery. Players will have to storm the tower and defeat Vulgord, but that’s not an easy task. Because Vulgord is a magician who has turned into a dragon and is looking for infinite power and strength.

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This is an adventure game in which players travel through four realms of elemental chaos and misery. These are worlds with cruel beasts, bizarre encounters and hidden keys. Fight enemies and raise an army as you try to defeat the evil of the land.

Vulgord’s Tower is a traditional board game with RPG mechanics. Players build their characters with skills and equipment, assemble an army, and take the fight right to Vulgord in the middle of the board.

There are several wizards, traders, and other ways to develop your character as you progress through the game. In order to travel in each realm, fans must collect keys that give them access to the other worlds. Note, however, that each round triggers a new event which, depending on luck, can be history, lore, or battle.

The main goal is to storm the tower, but that’s not an easy task. It takes the right equipment, a little luck, and a huge army to get through the darkness of the world. This is an archetypal pursuit of power, wealth, and prestige in this fantasy world.

Obtain riches, defeat enemies, and find a way to bring light back to this fantasy setting. Note that as a board game, this game offers a massive mix of replayability and learning strategy.

Although this is a board game, the themes include blood, violence, sexual themes, and alcohol. Players are advised to use their best judgment before exploring this title.

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Vulgord’s Tower is slated to hit Steam this summer.

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