The Democrats use reconciliation to pass the law for the people



Senate Rules of Procedure Chairwoman Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) suggested that the Democrats could use the reconciliation to pass the For The People Act.

As first pointed out by John Stoehr:

Amy Klobuchar hinted that the Democrats could cram the For the People Act into the second massive infrastructure bill and pass it through reconciliation without GOP support by calling it “electoral infrastructure”. Save democracy without killing the filibuster. THREAD

– John Stoehr’s editorial committee (@johnastoehr) June 25, 2021

Rachel Maddow recently asked Klobuchar about other options for getting the For The People Act passed, and she replied, “Well there are many things. We are currently working on an infrastructure package. And there will be – you know, there is the bipartisan group that negotiates hard, but there will also be a second package and we can include the electoral infrastructure in it. “

It now makes sense why the For The People Act went through the Klobuchar Senate Committee. The Senate Democrats may have left the option open to use reconciliation all along.

Elective infrastructure is a term that should be listened to. The Democrats could use the reconciliation to pass the Manchin Compromise as part of the Infrastructure Act, as the For The People Act provides funding for election protection and reform.

It is for this reason that the Manchin Compromise and obtaining 50 votes for Schumer were crucial in promoting the debate on the For The People Act, as they opened the door for the Senate to the most important parts of the For The People Act with reconciliation to adopt.

Getting rid of Citizens United would be great for the health of our democracy, but right now it’s more important that Democrats stop the nationwide wave of Republican voter suppression laws. Democrats could protect and expand the right to vote, and they would only need the 50 votes that they have already proven they need to.

The For The People Act could still become the law of the country, and if reconciliation is the means, there is nothing Republicans can do about it.

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