Sun Haven is Stardew Valley, but with D&D



The world of Stardew Valley likes is getting more and more robust, and while I’m a bit bitter that we don’t call them Harvest Moon likes, I’m still glad the world woke up to the charms of this particular hybrid of RPG games and Farm games. But what if the balance was a little more roleplaying than farming, with more swords and sorcery? This is what Sun Haven wants to show.

Sun Haven has just reached Steam Early Access after a successful Kickstarter in 2020. You will settle in the medieval city and work to restore the local businesses and build your farm as you progress through a main narrative quest and battle monsters. If you want, the developers say there are nonviolent options to overcome the encounters, even the final boss.

The game features multiplayer for up to eight players and fifteen romantic options that range from boring old people to elves, demons and other fantasy races.

Sun Haven will currently stay in Early Access for six months as the developers complete the main quest line, add new areas, additional dialogues, a new playable race, and other bug fixes.

Check out the trailer above.

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