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Amber Heard spoke about how Hollywood has been described as problematic up to * xual (Photo credit – Getty Images)

There is no doubt that Amber Heard is one of the most popular children of the controversy. Her movements have more often angered many, and at this point even her breathing offends many around the world. But did you know that Amber was once called for walking a red carpet with her supposed girlfriend and it turned out to be wrong, but she stood up straight and handed it back to the Trollers.

For the untrained in 2010, the world turned when Amber Heard walked the red carpet at GLAAD with her friend and the world thought she had come out. And she tells a reporter that GLAAD is one of the many reasons she can come out as the icing on a hot cake. But later it turned out that she did not come out. This created a vortex against them. Read on to see what happened next and what she had to say about it.

“I could tell by the look on that person’s face that it was a big deal,” she said at The Economist’s second annual Pride & Prejudice event Thursday, E! Online reports. “My poor publicist. Then I realized how difficult my job was and why so many people – studio managers, agents, consultants – didn’t want this to be in front of my name. “

Amber Heard spoke about how the bisexual label is labeled problematic when associated with a leading actress. “As a leading actress, there is a certain amount of wish fulfillment. I was asked, ‘How is someone going to invest romantically in you if they think you are not available? ”Heard said. The misconception is that if a woman is sexual, the audience cannot invest in a heteronormative fantasy.

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