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Whether it is a king, queen or single, memory foam or pocket spring mattress, a good one should last between eight and ten years if properly cared for. Make your mattress last longer with these expert tips from The Sleep Council.

We test every mattress for its durability by simulating a use of approximately ten years. We then assess whether the mattress has sagged and lost its hold during this time and whether it is becoming harder or softer. So you can trust it Best to buy mattresses will last for years without losing support.

In order for your mattress to last as long as possible, you need to take care of it too. Follow our top tips to help your mattress last as long as possible:

8-10 years

the length of a mattress with proper care

Unwrap your mattress right away

Once you get a new mattress, take it out of the box and keep it at home. Don’t leave plastic wrap on it or leave it in your garage for a week as the moisture can cause rot.

Another good reason to unpack your mattress right away is to get rid of the chemical odor that some give off when new – it should go away after a few days of airing the mattress.

Give the mattress some air

In addition to ventilating your mattress when it is new, you should also ventilate it daily if you want your mattress to last a long time. Throw back the duvet and pillows in the morning (you can keep the mattress cover on) and let the bed air out for 20 minutes. This allows the body moisture to evaporate.

Turn your mattress regularly

Not all mattresses need to be turned. But if the manufacturer recommends it, you should flip and flip your mattress every week for the first three months, then every three or four months. This will help the upholstery fillings sit more evenly.

Some mattresses, especially memory foam or mattresses with built-in toppers, should not be turned over. However, these should be rotated regularly – some even have handles to make this easier.

Forbid jumping on the mattress

To keep your mattress optimal, do not regularly sit on the edge of the bed and do not let the children or pets jump on it. This can put undue stress on the mattress and cause it to lose its hold more quickly.

Protect the mattress with a mattress protector

A mattress protector is a great way to protect your mattress and keep it in good condition. A washable cover protects your mattress from stains, and you can also buy covers made from specially made “barrier” fabric if you are allergic to dust.

Keep your mattress clean

According to The Sleep Council, the average adult loses about 454 grams of dead skin over the course of a year, much of which ends up in your bed.

Vacuum the mattress and floor from time to time to remove this dust. Not only does this keep your mattress fresh, but it also helps prevent allergy outbreaks that can occur from microbes and dust mites.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of how often a mattress needs to be cleaned, but every six months is advisable.

Check out our guide How do you clean a mattress? for more information and some expert tips on how to deal with more stubborn stains.

Consider using a mattress topper

If you find that your mattress has become less comfortable over time, consider purchasing a mattress topper. You can buy one for just £ 10 – although some can cost over £ 100 – and put an extra layer of memory foam or padding on top of your mattress.

However, the quality can vary significantly, so it’s worth reading our full review The best brands for mattress toppers before you buy.

Use your mattress guarantee

Do you think your mattress will sag earlier than expected? Consider contacting the dealer or manufacturer. Often a guarantee is given on mattresses that covers defective materials or poor workmanship. Unfortunately, most mattress warranties do not cover the gradual wear and tear that all mattresses experience and result in loss of support.

Our Mattress brand ratings Find out about the different guarantees that come with every mattress so that you know what your rights are if there is a problem with your mattress.

If your mattress is truly beyond repair, it is highly recommended that you replace it – sleeping on a bad mattress can contribute to back pain. Check out our full one Mattress ratings before buying to see which one offers the best support and the longest.

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