Limbo, Prodeus, and more are coming to Xbox Game Pass in July


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Following the recent announcements at E3, the value of the Game Pass has skyrocketed, and the next few games arriving in July cement it as one of the best offerings in gaming. The games aren’t all great, but a number of new old titles will be added along with new releases over the next few months.

So many new games are coming up Xbox that the site now has its own “play on day one” page to keep track of whatever comes up. This contains Microsoft Flight simulator, Ascent, Psychonauts 2 and more. Also, here is the list of games that will be released in the standard version of Xbox Game Pass in June and July.

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There are many games in this picture. Take a minute to process if you need

– Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass) June 23, 2021

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The first to appear on the Xbox Game Pass is Team17’s Worms Rumble TODAY. This features 32 player battles with servers that will definitely be more than usual for the next few days. 3D Worms isn’t for everyone, but it’s free so you can’t go wrong.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered is coming next and will be released on June 24th. This is a remaster of this NFS classic and will be available on both the console and PC when it launches.

Prodeus is interesting. The game was fully released on Steam back in November 2020, and the game will now come to Xbox Game Pass as a preview for PC on June 24th. It’s a retro shooter that has had very positive reviews on Steam, scoring an easy 10/10.

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars launches July 1st for cloud, console and PC. It’s a hardcore strategy game that combines empire management with turn-based combat and deck building. It ticks a lot of genre boxes and goes for a pretty niche market, but perfect if you love that kind of stuff. Ordinarily it would set you back around $ 30 on Steam, so this is great value.

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An all-time classic, Limbo is an award-winning side-scrolling puzzle game that was previously featured on Game Pass. If you’ve never played this game before then there really is no excuse. His short and gripping campaign is the perfect change from the fast pace of Apex Legends or the dense storytelling of Mass Effect.

While these are some of the highlights of older titles appearing on Game Pass, some of the first day titles will be released in the next few months, notably The Ascent, a top-down strategy RPG. Likewise, Forza Horizon 5 comes along with Halo Infinite and Hades later this year. You can’t go wrong with Game Pass.

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