Justis Huni will not take part in the Olympics due to a hand injury


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The heavyweight candidate Justis Huni was considered Australia’s great hope for a gold medal at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.

But his Olympic dreams are now over, because the boxer broke his right hand in his last fight – and the injury has to be operated on.

The Australian Olympic Committee has confirmed Huni’s resignation due to injury.

Huni took a huge risk a few weeks ago when he picked up a payday of over $ 200,000 to collapse and stop local star Paul Gallen.

The win increased the 22-year-old’s unbeaten record to 5 wins, 4 of which were knocked out.

As he sharpened his profile with the big win, he exacerbated a pre-existing injury that undermined his goal of competing in the Olympics.

“He damaged both hands, but the left hand was fine. We only got away with it with a needle, ”the boxer’s father and trainer Rocki Huni told The Guardian. “His right hand wasn’t doing so well. I was told by the surgeon that the tendon needs to be operated on. He would be absolutely shocked to miss the Olympics. It’s just not good. “

Oddly enough, before the fight, Gallen had promised to derail Huni’s planned participation in the Olympics.

“Your biggest concern is the Olympics. That is their main concern. Well, I’m here to tell you all – Justis, you’re in – I’m here to do everything I can to make sure you don’t go to the Olympics, ”said Gallen.

“If it breaks your jaw, breaks your face, breaks your arm, I don’t care what it is. I’ll bring everything I can to break something inside you so you don’t go to the Olympics. This dream, since you were seven years old, becomes f —– “

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