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Shortly after strengthening the broadcast business with the acquisition of the Australian Mediacloud, Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) is focusing on expansion in the USA with the opening of a new Broadcast Operations Center (BOC) in Pittsburgh.

The center is part of an expanded partnership with PSSI Global Services and will enable TBS to add US-based managed services, including operations, monitoring, bookings and technical services, to its overall Telstra Global Media Network (GMN) offering and existing facilities for broadcasting in. to complement London, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Telstra’s new BOC supports the ongoing work on global content delivery and is designed to provide opportunities for high-profile broadcast programming, including major sporting and entertainment events, to reach new audiences and expand viewership to more international markets. It supports live and recorded broadcasts of news, sports and entertainment content, as well as digital broadcast and IP video delivery, and has a 24/7 facility with a Master Control Room (MCR) for monitoring, booking, troubleshooting and providing connections to large Broadcast customers and global teleports.

Telstra also believes that PSSI’s experience in managing and broadcasting live events and familiarity with the US sports and entertainment market makes PSSI an ideal solution for Telstra’s North American delivery of content. The additional services handled by the PSSI facility help ensure smooth operation during events, with PSSI also handling the frame rate conversion, encoding, decoding and uplink / downlinking of US content.

“There is immense demand for North American content worldwide and the new BOC enables Telstra Broadcast Services to bring superior technology and access to North American content providers to international audiences in Europe, Asia and Australia,” said Adam Day, Head of Enterprise, Technology and Broadcast Sales, Telstra, on the opening of the new facility. “The ability to provide our North American customers with a local operational presence and 24/7 Master Control Room functionality will provide them with a first class experience and is key to managing their content delivery to Europe and Asia Pacific. We believe that our partnership with PSSI will bring benefits for content creators and content consumers worldwide. “

“This initiative represents a significant addition to our work together for years,” added Jason Land, vice president, Strategic Television, PSSI. “Our event-based approach is the foundation for adding another level of support and reliability to Telstra’s broadcast business while also enabling PSSI to use the global GMN network as an ‘in-house’ solution for our customers.”

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