Skull Town becomes an arena map in Apex Legends


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Skull Town is finally returning Apex legends, just not as expected a few months ago. With the release of the Arenas game mode, several map areas have received Arenas treatment, and it looks like Skull Town will be the next area in this mode.

This has pretty much been confirmed by the Apex Legends Twitter page. No release date yet, but likely soon as the cards haven’t been rotated for a couple of weeks.

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– Apex Legends (@PlayApex) June 23, 2021

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For the initiated, which is fair enough, by the way, because Skull Town has been missing for a long time, Skull Town was one of the most iconic landing sites at the original King’s Canyon. It occurred several times throughout the game cycle before it was finally blown to pieces when Loba stepped on the scene.

It’s been a few seasons now, and fans are looking forward to getting back into the chaos of Skull Town up close again. It will be really interesting to see how the map evolves as an Arenas map since the PoI is a tiny area with very little open space. The Eva-8 will rage here in its current form.

It will also be interesting to see if the entire Skull City is featured as an Arenas map. Compared to the other maps from the mode, it’s probably pretty likely that every alley, building, and floor area will be shown, but will you be able to climb to the top of the central building? Seems like a massively unfair advantage for whoever makes it first.

There are no details on when the card will hit arenas just yet, but the cards have been spinning out in a pretty constant two-week pattern, meaning it will likely arrive this Thursday with the next patch and update notes.

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This will likely be the biggest change to the game until the next Heirloom Collection event hits in a few weeks time, supposedly either Crypto or Revenant if you trust the dataminers.

Hopefully there will be some other interesting meta-changes and shocks with the next patch, and until more chunky content comes in, we can at least all sit back and play some Skull Town again.

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