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We tried it – it’s made up of six layers and 12 inches of supportive comfort

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Randi man Swollen mattressSwollen lux Photo by Puffy

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People love theirs Swollen lux. I heard so much about the Lux that I contacted Puffy to set up a lawsuit. After 30 nights I got it. Sleeping on the Lux mattress feels like you are supported and comforted at the same time. As if a chiropractor and a registered massage therapist were collaborating on a design.

The company makes two beds that Swollen mattress and the Lux mattress swollen. Both have rave reviews about the Swollen website and the internet. Puffy mentioned that the Lux is her best seller, so I checked that out.

Puffy is based in Los Angeles, California, but all mattresses are made in Canada – every step and stage, from Cloud Cover to Cloud Foam.

So I’ve slept on the Puffy Lux mattress for the past 30 nights and enjoyed some of the most satisfactory research. It’s a fantastic mattress.

Fast facts

Weight recommendations: Up to 350 pounds per sleeper

Firmness of the mattress: Medium, 5/10


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Trial period of the mattress: 101 nights

Mattress guarantee: lifespan (The website states: “We guarantee that your puffy mattress will be free from defects in material and workmanship as long as you own your puffy mattress. If something goes wrong, we’ll replace it for free.“)

Mattress price: Now $ 2,045, was $ 2,345 for the lady

The Puffy Lux is made up of six layers, each with its own purpose. The puffy is made up of five layers, just like the Lux minus an inch and a half plush dual cloud.

7-puffy-lux-layers_800x Puffy lux layers Photo by Puffy

Puffy explains the unique purpose of each layer:

  1. Handle base cover: The handle base cover is designed to fit any bed frame with slides.
  2. Solid core support layer: The special layer from Puffy. It’s a firmer supportive base that offers durability and adaptive support.
  3. Climate Comfort Foam: The Climate Comfort layer is designed to withstand contraction and expansion with temperature changes (not unfamiliar to Canada). This layer acts as a temperature neutralizer.
  4. Plush Dual Cloud Foam: The plush dual cloud layer conforms to your body and helps reduce the pressure from your back.
  5. Cooling Cloud Foam: The Cooling Cloud Layer is one of the differentiators from Puffy. It’s made from an adaptable material that provides soft, rocking support.
  6. Stain-repellent cloud cover: The dirt-repellent cloud cover is hypoallergenic and designed for easy cleaning. You can remove the cover to wash it.

My experience

Puffy has high quality products and marketing to match. I also tried puffies Bamboo panels and weighted blanket. As soon as you enter the puffy ecosystem, you are tempted to collect the set. At least I am.


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The Puffy Lux is easy to set up. I could do it on my own with no problems; didn’t even break a sweat or break a nail. The mattress is delivered vacuum packed. All you have to do is place the sucked-in mattress on the bottom of your bed and carefully cut it to let go. The key here is careful, mattresses are for sleeping, not cutting.

Within an hour or two of being released, the lux grew into its beautiful self.

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How it feels: It’s kind of soft and supportive. Even though it has medium strength, it still weighs me in all the right areas. As I’ve mentioned in other mattress reviews, I’m a “J-sleeper,” also known as a side sleeper, with one leg very outstretched and another leg curled up. A side sleeper leaning forward is even more precise. I’m 5’10 “and I weigh about 150 pounds, of which about 130 pounds are hips and the rest is hair. The Lux supports me in all the right places.

My favorite functions: After a long and active day, it’s the perfect mattress to fold up in. I love spending a summer day biking and hiking, picnicking and going out on the patio and then coming home sticky and gross, jumping in the shower and falling into bed. As soon as I reach the lux, I sleep. And when I wake up I feel refreshed, so I know the mattress has served its purpose. And I stay cool. In the humid heat of a Toronto summer. My favorite quality is knowing that Lux will be consistently cool, comfortable, and supportive sleep.


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I also love how the Lux feels when I’m not totally exhausted. I could fall asleep on a pile of stones when I’m totally exhausted (wouldn’t be happy about it in the morning), but it’s also great when it’s just normal old bedtime. I definitely take a bunch of tech to bed, phones, and laptops. I’m prone to staying up late watching clips of Jimmy’s from Late Night. But the Lux seems to lull me into a deep sleep anyway.

PuffyLuxProductImage5_1000x Swollen lux Photo by Puffy

My least preferred feature: So far I have not found a full foam mattress with excellent edge support. The Puffy Lux is no exception. The low to medium edge support doesn’t bother me because it’s not important to me. I would give it 5/10 edge support. I also don’t fully understand the weighted blanket’s instruction manual, but I’ll discuss this below.

The puffy weight blanket:The queen weighed down the ceiling is 15 pounds ($ 225). It’s also protected by Puffy’s 101-night trial, so it’s really a risk-free purchase. It’s backed by a lifetime guarantee, it’s hypoallergenic and the cover is machine washable. I don’t regularly sleep with a weighted blanket so it’s not a must have for me, but my sister-in-law loves it. She is much more familiar with the world of weighted blankets and appreciates Puffy’s soft fabric and light print. However, none of us understood the instructions. They explain how to tie the blanket to the ceiling, but she seems ready to walk out of the box.

The swollen leaves: Nice linens ($ 160 for the queen). The swollen leaves are made of 100 percent bamboo and are therefore naturally hypoallergenic. And much like the mattress and blanket, the sheets come with a lifetime warranty and a 101-night trial. They are crisp and breathable and absorb very little moisture. This is important so that dust mites and other uninvited bed guests do not have a hospitable environment. I love these leaves. They are a fantastic addition to the Lux.


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Recommendation: I recommend that Swollen lux for everyone who is looking for a soft and supportive mattress with medium hardness. The 101-night trial and lifetime warranty from Puffy speak for themselves of their product quality and trust. The company wasn’t founded until 2016 and is still confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty. I totally feel this quality and love my Lux. That Bloated mattress (not the Lux) is significantly cheaper ($ 1,445) than its big sister, so a great budget option. Also a more solid option if that’s your preference.

If you’re looking for something less expensive, softer, firmer, or just curious to learn more about other mattresses on the market, visit ours Mattress summary here.

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