NFL player Nate Ebner retires from hunting for the Olympic rugby pitch in the USA | Tokyo Olympics 2020


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NFL player Nate Ebner has retired for a second trip to the Olympics with the U.S. rugby sevens roster after injuring himself with the New York Giants after the 2020 NFL season.

“It pains me to announce my withdrawal from the Tokyo Olympics with the USA Men’s Sevens,” said the special-team player, who won three Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots, in a press release of USA rugby.

Ebner exchanged codes for the first time in 2016 and won a place on the US team at the Rio Olympics. In March of that year, he announced his second return to a sport he played for Ohio state teams and the US Juniors.

“The last time I played NFL football [nine] Years and that’s not easy for your body, ”said Ebner at the time. “Over 30 in the NFL is an old person. There are some older people in rugby, but it’s not about being 32, it’s about the journey I’ve been through.

“There are people who are 24 and have had all sorts of injuries. Everyone has a different personal situation with their body and their age and the wear and tear they have to endure, so hopefully I can keep up. “

On Tuesday, Ebner announced his retirement: “Although my recovery for the next football season is on the right track, unfortunately the schedules did not coincide with the tests for the games.

“Thanks to USA Rugby for taking me back to the squad like family. And thanks to the players who work so hard to form the Olympic team and help the United States bring home a medal. “

Ebner also thanked the Giants and his supporters, saying he was looking forward to the next NFL season.

Ebner is attacked in Rio by Axel Müller from Argentina.Ebner is attacked in Rio by Axel Müller from Argentina. Photo: David Rogers / Getty Images

USA coach Mike Friday said: “We are all disappointed with Nate and appreciate his efforts to get back on the squad and run to Tokyo.

“Nate was physically unable to enter a competition, so he cannot be considered for selection.”

The USA are competing in a special Olympic warm-up event called “Quest for Gold” this weekend in Los Angeles. Friday will announce its roster on July 2nd.

The US men finished ninth in Rio five years ago, but made progress on the world seven-track, finishing second behind Fiji in 2019.

Last month Ebner published an autobiography, Finish Strong. The book’s subtitle is A Father’s Code and a Son’s Path, a tribute to Jeff Ebner, who was murdered 13 years ago.

In an interview with the Guardian 2016, Nate Ebner said: “I think papa would be proud of me and I am proud that he was my papa.”

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