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Gaming keyboards are way ahead of their standard counterparts; Treat your fingertips with a variety of switches, process more than two inputs at a time, and sometimes implement additional macro and media keys to give you more control over your system. Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you can currently get one for a fraction of the list price for the next two days, but only while stocks last.

Remember to consider form factor when choosing the best gaming keyboard, as you could miss the number pad if you opt for a ten-keyless option or crave USB passthroughs for better cable management. Razer and Logitech stand out this year, taking down their best gaming keyboards, but there are also a handful of Corsair, HyperX, and Kemove to watch out for.

You need an Amazon Prime subscription to take part in the promotion as Prime Day offers are only available to members. Fortunately, there is a free one-month trial for first-time subscribers, and the sheer amount of benefits is well worth moving on.

Here are the best gaming keyboard deals this Amazon Prime Day:

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Best deals on gaming keyboard under $ 100 / £ 100

If you don’t want to go into the three-digit numbers, many high quality mechanical gaming keyboards that would otherwise run in the hundreds have temporarily dropped for a much cheaper price.

While Razer has a wide selection, Logitech has some of the biggest discounts, with the G Pro keyboard dropping to $ 99.99 in the US and the Logitech G815 Lightsync a hefty 42% discount with a new and improved price of 97 .99 GBP offers.

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The best deals on wireless gaming keyboard

Cutting the cable makes the best gaming desk look neater and gives you the freedom to move your gaming keyboard between devices. You could get any wireless device, but nothing like mechanical switches.

Razer’s BlackWidow V3 Pro offers the best savings with a 22% discount in the US, bringing the price down from $ 229.99 to $ 179.99. It retains all of the key features of its wired counterpart, including a choice of green tactile and click or yellow linear and silent switches, a comfortable palm rest, and media buttons.

If you want a wireless clicker in the UK, Kemove offers a space-saving option with 60% Gateron Black switches that support the £ 89.99 to £ 67.99 for 24% off.

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The best deals on membrane keypads

Sometimes the click of a mechanical switch can drive you or your roommate insane and you may suit the gentle press of a membrane keypad instead.

Logitech’s G213 Prodigy has all of the premium qualities of its mechanical brothers, including an array of media buttons on the right, RGB lighting, and full anti-ghosting to keep up with you as you play. Currently it is 43% ($ 30) cheaper in the US at $ 39.99 and 47% (£ 28) cheaper in the UK, which costs you only £ 31.99.

If you want to complete your setup there are plenty of Prime Day gaming mouse deals out there and our friends at The Loadout have compiled the best Prime Day headset and microphone deals. Sales are just getting started, but don’t wait until the end of June 22nd to snag something to watch as they are all subject to availability and flying off Amazon’s shelves.

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