Muck Update adds new bosses, weapons, and powerups


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Muck, the recently released roguelike survival game from YouTuber and developer Dani, has received its second and much bigger update. What perhaps started out as a joke response to a YouTube comment has now received over 22,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews steam. Looks like Muck is here to stay.

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The second update in a week, the second Muck update, adds a new boss, Gronk, as well as a number of new items and weapons. There are also a few balance changes that are meant to make the game more difficult.

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Everyone was complaining that I made my game too difficult so I updated it

– Dani (@DaniDevYT) June 14, 2021

First the new boss – the Gronk. With two massive swords, Gronk is another tricky boss, much like Big Chunk. This only adds to the overall progression in the game and gives players a little more to aim for.

Like the new boss, some new items have also been added by Dani, including Gronk’s sword (of course), elemental arrows, the wolf armor set and the ability to make a delicious mushroom soup.

To make up for all the additional new items, including the new powerups like Enforcer, Juice, and Spooo Bean, the game’s difficulty level has also been increased. Muck was always meant to be slippery and tough. It’s a roguelike survival game, after all.

Some bosses and monsters have had their damage improved, and some of the more powerful powerups have been toned down to make it more difficult to achieve full god-like status in the game.

Other changes include new dark oaks, coal deposits, and different world generations that give each new world a different atmosphere, mainly the color of the sky and the random particle effects.

Given Muck’s huge success, it is likely that the game will continue to receive updates. Dani has already pushed forward two updates in the last week after the game was released. As more players come, he’ll likely keep updating.

At the bottom of the Steam update notes page, the developer notes that they are currently working on some sort of story (???) as well as an actual ending to the game, which at least means that Muck just won’t keep spinning outside of content control.

You can now download Muck for free on Steam or check out Dani’s other game, Karlson. Karlson was Dani’s original main project, which has since been overshadowed by Muck. Can’t hurt too much though as Muck is nearing 30,000 positive reviews. Easy!

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