Illinois ranks second in US sports betting despite lower profits in April


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Illinois Became the second largest sports betting state in the US in April, despite the sharpest drop in sports betting volume in the history of the young market compared to the previous month New Jersey The second state hit over $ 500 million in holdings in April.

According to analysts at, the drop in betting is in line with the typical seasonal slowdown in sports betting that has impacted almost all US markets, with personal registration returning on April 4th. Was less than expected Play Illinois.

Illinois retail and online sports betting fell 15.2% in April from a record $ 633.6 million in March to $ 537.2 million.

April processing resulted in adjusted gross receipts of $ 43.6 million compared to $ 44.3 million in March, with state taxes of $ 6.5 million and local taxes of $ 527,100. Since sports betting began in 2020, the state is currently generating $ 4.1 billion in bets.

“Without major sports betting vacations like the NFL and March Madness, April fall was almost certain,” he said. Joe Bouzel, Analyst at

He added, “The Illinois market took a double blow with the revival of personal registration, which eventually hit the market cap, even if it didn’t have a dramatic impact on settlement. It will erode and there is no easy solution to it without legislative changes. “

With the exception of one legal sports betting jurisdiction in the United States, bets were reported to be down in April, including the 10 largest markets, compared to the previous month. The decline in Illinois was greater than New Jersey (-13%), Tennessee (-13.6%), and Pennsylvania (-14.4%), but Colorado (-18.8%), Virginia (-22.1 %) and Indiana (-25.4). Flatter than%)), Illinois (-26.7%), Nevada (-29.1%), Michigan (-30.5%).

Despite the fall in April, only New Jersey increased bets, making Illinois the second largest market in the United States. Almost all of these declines can be explained by the expected seasonal declines in sports betting. This usually starts in April and lasts until the football season. However, the Illinois Handle also faced a resurgence in personal registration requirements, with immediate repercussions.

“Illinois has proven to be an extremely resilient market, at least temporarily overcoming the inconvenience of in-person registration.” Jessica Wellmann, Analyst The network that contains

She continued, “A push together ahead of personal registration could help mitigate the short-term effects, but Illinois is in the US for the long term. It will be difficult to catch up with the top markets in Illinois.” ”

The NBA produced most of the promotions in April, hitting $ 171.4 million after $ 365.7 million. Baseball was the second highest stakes sport, generating $ 121.2 million in bets. Online betting made up 95.5% of all April bets, or $ 513.2 million.

The partial lifting of the state’s college team betting ban has enabled retail sports betting to wager on Northwestern, Illinois, North Illinois, and more. Gave the retail book what to expect when college football resumed. Changes will be less important, however, as online sports betting continues to be banned.

“This change is positive, but not a big change in the short term,” warned Bouzel. “Illinois bets mostly online, so it only affects retail bets. Any changes you make will have limited effect. Hopefully this will be a gradual step towards the complete lifting of the ban. “

Van Duel / Fairmont Online and retail betting raised $ 177.8 million in bets. This was when FanDuel first led the market. Draft Kings / Casino Queen In second place with a total of $ 169.6 million. Bet Rivers Casino The total grip fell to $ 84.3 million. Bar stool / Hollywood Casino Fourth with $ 51.4 million in online business in the first month.

“FanDuel’s acquisition of DraftKings represents a dramatic change in market dynamics and is an honor for FanDuel’s campaign to register bettors prior to direct registration,” says Wellman.

“Barstool’s push to register customers before the in-person registration is valid has also made a difference, but it will be difficult to significantly reach market leaders. They will be months and months. I was able to register the customer undisturbed. “

Illinois ranks second in US sports betting despite lower earnings in April

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