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Purely political, By James Buckley

Okay, you didn’t like Donald Trump. But my gang (the over 74 million of us who voted for his re-election) and I still haven’t figured out what it was or is that turned otherwise sane people into Trump-hating fire-breathing maniacs.

President Trump never drove any of his electoral interns off a bridge and drowned them like Senator Ted Kennedy did before going back to his cottage (probably drunk) to … get help?

No, to get dry.

Senator Kennedy was much more preoccupied with what this incident could have done to his career than with the young lady whose life he had just ended by walking down a small, rickety, single-lane dike bridge (with no guard rails) from the rickety dike bridge drove to the peninsula called Chappaquiddick at the east end of Martha’s Vineyard Island at midnight after a night of partying. But not long after that day’s events turned Senator Kennedy’s favor, his political party had him and his gonads in full control.

He managed to be re-elected and became “the conscience of the Democratic Party”, its living “lion” in the Senate. Not only did Senator Kennedy cause the death of a young lady (and pay no price, political or otherwise), he was even kicked out of Harvard years earlier for cheating on a Spanish exam by paying a friend of a friend’s to take the test with his name to make.

Who would choose a man like that? The people of Massachusetts and Senator Kennedy appear to have become one of the longest-serving (47 years) US Senators in history prior to his death in 2009.

Mr. Trump doesn’t have and doesn’t drink. He is on record that alcohol has never touched his lips and no one has ever presented evidence to the contrary.

We all agree that former President Trump was an … exaggerator. But his “lies,” if you want to call them that, were generally innocuous boasting of being the best, smartest, greatest, smartest, and most accomplished. Think of a superlative, and no doubt he has often used it for virtually anything and everything in which he and / or his administration have been involved.

Mr. Trump was America’s super seller. Even his steaks were the best.

So what? Is that enough to generate such unrestrained hatred among its critics?


Perhaps it was the Billy Bush episode where just weeks before the 2016 election, a tape of a conversation between Mr. Trump and Access Hollywood interviewer Billy Bush (yes, he’s related to the President’s Bush family) was published in which Mr. Trump (who at the time owned the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants) has been heard telling Mr. Bush that beauty contestants will let you “do anything” because of their goal in it insists to become Miss Whatever.

“And if you’re a star, they’ll let you do that. You can do anything, “said Trump.

Mr. Bush replied, “Whatever you want?” and Mr. Trump replied, “Grab her (by her genitals). You can do everything.”

Today, Democrats are used to voting for sex offenders like Bill Clinton, Mel Reynolds (convicted of sex with a male minor under 16), and so many others that it is surprising that these voters, especially those in the entertainment world, choose the new Turning their backs on Presidents for these crude, casual remarks.

You may recall that in addition to 12 counts of sexually assaulting a child, Mr. Reynolds was also charged and convicted of bank fraud and child pornography advertising. Forced to resign from Congress, sentenced to jail, and eventually pardoned by President Clinton and hired by Jesse Jackson.

So the Democrats really don’t care what you do in your spare time as long as you stick with the program. It has to be something else.

Rumor has it that Mr. Trump lied to various banks about his finances and the value of some of his properties. And he may have done that. But that’s what a lot of politicians on both sides of the aisle and ordinary people have done to get a loan, so no, it can’t be either.

Maybe it was Mr. Trump’s appointments.

As President, Mr. Trump made some really bad appointments. Two extraordinary selections spring to mind: Omarosa Manigault Newman as director of African American Outreach and Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.

But, but, here’s the deal: the establishment – let’s call them that (because they are) – rejected the new government almost unanimously, especially at the beginning. Qualified directors from all walks of life refused to be considered even as candidates for the presidential cabinet or other administrative positions.

So President Trump was forced to find qualified people from other areas who would not be intimidated by such an opposition. His first years as president were marked by hastily viewed unfortunate attitudes and layoffs, such as the Mooch, Omarosa, Foreign Secretary Rex Tillerson and many others.

While (and another example of how things are done in Washington, DC) after President Joe Biden’s victory, people – especially people in the Obama administration – tripped and stepped on top of each other for some sort of in the first place to stand appointment as president.

In the end, President Trump filled his cabinet and much of his administration with successful and talented executives from the American workforce. President Biden’s cabinet is occupied (I know, I know, it’s not a term to use) with leftover Obama (John Kerry, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, etc.) who are lifelong administrators, academics, and / or types of government . And for the most part, such a crowd gives bureaucratic types peace and comfort.

Steady as you go.

Whatever the cause of this hostility, it is deep. Established actors like Robert DeNiro cannot perform in front of a large or small audience without spreading profanity to and about President Trump. And they’re not alone: ​​add Jimmy Kimmel, Meryl Streep, Rob Reiner, Alec Baldwin, George Clooney, Lady Gaga, JK Rowling, Stephen King, LeBron James, the usual suspects (Jane Fonda et al.). The list is long, and most on the list have said non-stop hateful, gross, cruel, and really stupid things about Mr. Trump for the past five years.

If you thought I would find the answer, think again because the collective hostility mentioned above is just as startling to me as the indifference and curiosity of the mainstream media who had no desire to investigate something that was President Trump maybe looked good so that he won’t be re-elected.

Mr Trump’s critics emphasized the negatives, eliminated the positives, clung to the negatives, and didn’t mess with Mister in between (with apologies to Johnny Mercer).

In doing so, they succeeded in eliminating the man who had resurrected the American economy and spirit like no other. And passed the presidency to the shadow of a lifelong bureaucrat.

Imagine that.

James Buckley is a longtime Montecito resident. He welcomes reader comments to voices@newspress.com.

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