Madden NFL 22 PC is last-gen because EA wants “the best quality experience on new consoles”



While the latest Madden game was unveiled last week – the update to one of the best sports games ever – PC fans were upset to find that the PC version of Madden NFL 22 will be the last generation, and features are the next Generation missing, for which EA advertises PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. Now EA has stated that the reason is that this version is focusing on next-generation consoles.

When Madden NFL 22 was announced on Thursday, EA listed a number of next-generation features that are available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of the game that are not available on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the last generation would be included. These features include next generation stats, refined AI, stadium atmosphere, and improved movement – most of which are part of the “dynamic matchday” feature the publisher is adding to make the latest Madden more exciting and realistic.

Unfortunately, the PC version will be the PS4 / Xbox One version and not the next-gen version. Sports Gamers Online asked EA for an explanation and got a response, although it won’t satisfy disappointed PC fans – who only just started getting the Madden games again in 2019.

“It’s being researched for the future,” said the EA Sports representative. “We’re just beginning to move to the next generation and right now the team is focused on delivering the best, high-quality experience on new consoles before trying to upgrade other platforms.”

While the statement gives hope that a patch for Madden 22 may arrive on PC after the game is released on August 20, in that case, “the future” might as well refer to Madden 23 next year Bringing Madden on par with consoles – Madden 21, for example, came out on Steam and Origin last year on the same day as the console versions, which was a first for the series. Hopefully, PC Madden fans won’t have to wait an entire year to enjoy a next-gen version of the game.

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