Biden throws another racist Trump policy in the trash can on World Refugee Day



President Biden reaffirmed World Refugee Day by reaffirming his commitment to rebuilding the refugee processing system that Trump destroyed and increasing refugee quotas in the United States.

President Biden said in a statement to PoliticusUSA:

Today, with people around the world, I commemorate World Refugee Day, a day when we recognize the courage and humanity of millions who fled violence, persecution and war. It is also a moment to recognize the generosity of the communities in welcoming the refugees and the courage and dedication of humanitarian workers who provide lifesaving services, often in difficult and dangerous conditions.

At a time when the number of refugees and other displaced persons has reached alarming and historic highs – over 82 million worldwide – the United States has a moral obligation to ensure that refugees have access to life-saving care, education, and livelihoods that allow them make it possible to live in dignity and hope for the future. On this day we reaffirm our sacred commitment to alleviate suffering through humanitarian aid and to redouble our efforts to find lasting solutions for refugees – including resettlement. We also re-commit to making diplomatic efforts to end the ongoing conflicts that are forcing refugees to seek safety elsewhere.

Protecting refugees is part of our DNA. Our nation was founded by those fleeing religious persecution. When we take action to help refugees around the world, we honor our past and live our highest values. We are showing our greatest strength as a nation.

We are doing this because it is right, but make no mistake: Refugee aid also helps the USA, brings more regional stability and makes the world a safer place for all of us.

Because of this, I have raised the annual cap on US refugee admission to 62,500 for this fiscal year and plan to raise it to 125,000 next year. While achieving these goals will be challenging, I have directed my administration to work as soon as possible to rebuild and improve refugee handling and to expand our capacity to host refugees.

We have to lead by example. And the refugees who arrive on our shores will, as always, strengthen our communities and bring new life, energy and ideas to our great country. The United States prides itself on serving as a beacon of freedom and refuge for the world, and whether it welcomes those seeking safety or providing more humanitarian aid than any other nation, we will do our part.

President Biden has reversed Trump’s refugee policy by changing the executive’s attitude towards people fleeing their homes due to war, natural disasters, political persecution or violence. The Trump administration’s policies were racist. Biden restores America’s compassion and reputation as a beacon of freedom and opportunity.

America is again in the process of setting a good example to the world, and the Biden administration is accomplishing that mission by reversing the horrific and shameful policies of the previous administration.

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