Jim Acosta unloads and names Tucker Carlson employee of Bulls * it Factory of the Month



CNN’s Jim Acosta doesn’t take a beating when he names Tucker Carlson employee of the month for the Bulls * it Factory.

Video from Acosta:

Enough with the bullshit from the crazy caucus and her false flag apologies for January 6th… https://t.co/otd1rRm5Sl

– Jim Acosta (@Acosta) June 19, 2021

Acosta said of Tucker Carlson, who claimed the 1/6 attack was a false flag operation carried out by the FBI, “Well, you may recall that I recently called Fox News the bulls * it factory Honoring its steady stream of fake segments, the goal was to fuel audience outrage, but Tucker really outdid itself this week, so I decided to honor Tucker with the Bulls * it Factory Employee of the Month award. Congratulations, Tucker. You managed. When it comes to the uprising, nobody scolds like you. Nobody does it as well as you.

Acosta then moved on to a section in Putin’s BS that put everything together well.

While Chuck Todd is walking around defending Biden’s resistance to victory and insurgent supporters because they have “power” or may one day have it, Jim Acosta literally shouts BS on his CNN show.

Our mainstream media needs more Jim Acosta guys. It’s people like Acosta who take journalism and the truth seriously that give the media the credibility that so many others are trying to destroy with access journalism.

One of the main reasons Fox News propaganda is struggling to get into the mainstream political discussion is because many in the US are proclaiming their BS and not giving them the mainstream credibility and attention they desperately crave.

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