Why Terry Bradshaw Can’t Stop Laughing At Celebrity Family Feud


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That answer didn’t have Terry Bradshaw shouting: “Good answer!”

The Bradshaw Bunch patriarch and his family battle it out in this exclusive clip from the June 20th episode Celebrity Family Feud Dee Snider and its crew. And in typical family feud fashion, a blatant answer is teased in the new Sneak-Peek.

At the beginning of the clip, host Steve Harvey asks Terry’s daughter Rachel Bradshaw to “name something about Superman that you might make fun of.”

Rachel replies optimistically: “His mask”.

Almost immediately you can hear someone from the audience commenting: “What ?!” Understandably, this makes Terry and Steve laugh. In fact, the football legend laughs so hard that he falls to his knees.

Confused, Rachel asks her loved ones: “Is he wearing a mask?”

Unfortunately for Rachel, the whole Bradshaw squad is laughing too hard to clarify. At this point, the popular sports commentator hits the podium three times with his hand.

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