KOM token is already available. How does the solution work?


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KOM token is already available. How does the solution work?

Kommunitas recently launched its ICO. The price of the token is $ 0.002 per KOM and the sale will continue for almost a month. The company hopes to raise $ 400,000 during the first coin offering. The team developed this solution especially for multi-chain-oriented projects. It aims to help investors find a new organic way of raising funds across the blockchains. Its platform levels the playing field by allowing development teams or individual developers to start their projects on it. Creators can collect $ ETH, $ BNB, $ MATIC, $ HECO or other digital coins supported by this platform.

Kommunitas offers various advantages that guarantee its success in the long term. With its robust platform, the company is revolutionizing fundraising in the digital ecosystem and supporting developers in finding funds for their projects. It also plans to expand the fundraising horizons with its platform to break the single chain limit. Kommunitas offers investors a multi-chain protocol (ETH, BNB, MATIC and HECO) which is a big bait indeed.

In addition, a customer can easily connect multiple wallets from different blockchains with just one click. The Kommunitas platform syncs users’ assets to give them faster access to all of the team-hosted features.

Investors can use their coins directly from their Kommunitas wallet. The company ensures that customers always get the best price. This platform has almost no fees. In fact, Kommunitas aims to help users manage their funds as decentrally as possible. The platform’s multi-chain pools allow traders to wager their assets and even claim their preferred reward.

KOM token holders can also participate in the development of the platform

KOM is the platform’s native utility token. This means that the owner can vote on the future development of the project. There is one requirement, however – in order to receive voting rights, an investor must hold 3,000 KOM. But that may change in the future. Apart from voting rights, holders with 3,000 or more KOM tokens can participate in the launch of new projects on the Kommunitas platform.

Plus, the owners decide on fees, updates, projects hosted on the platform, and many other things as a community. The users have the power to decide the direction this company takes. $ KOM owners also receive the reward if they simply hold it on their wallet or use the token on the Kommunitas platform. Traders can only benefit from being part of the platform.

In the meantime, Nakamoto is working on creating a platform for all fun and meme tokens

KOM token is already available.  How does the solution work?

Nakamoto launched its native token on June 15, 2021 and has already appeared on several hot ICO lists. NAKA’s total supply is 21 billion tokens. The company plans to sell 1 billion tokens during the ICO, which will last six months. In addition, it will list an additional two billion NAKAs on various exchanges the following year. Nakamoto will keep the remaining 18 billion tokens in five different wallets for security reasons.

The company built its native utility token on the TRON blockchain (TRX). The aim was to raise funds to build an ecosystem for MEME-related tokens and currencies. The Nakamoto project aims to provide a simple and fun experience with blockchain technology by creating a completely decentralized environment for certain digital coins.

The main purpose of blockchain technology is decentralization. However, different groups and individuals influence the ecosystem in such a way that it becomes more centralized than decentralized. Billionaires, governments and countries are using and using their influence to change the direction of DeFi space and cryptocurrencies. Your actions cause more volatility in the market. This makes it difficult for the average trader to participate in the creation of various logs.

There are numerous cryptocurrencies, new ones are added every day. However, they all have one thing in common – following the Bitcoin chart. Unfortunately, Bitcoin is very vulnerable to the news and absorbs the volatility of the market. As a result, cryptocurrencies are becoming more centralized, drifting away from decentralization, and defying the main reason for their creation.

What solution does Nakamoto offer?

Nakamoto aims to solve the problem by offering a decentralized exchange (aka DEX) only for meme-related tokens and currencies and those assets that are classified as fun. However, to achieve this goal, a separate marketplace for these tokens is required to bypass the influence of Bitcoin and other large cryptos. Thus initiates the ecosystem DEX, which is completely secure and protected from centralized volatility.

Traders and investors take the graphical and technical features with particular caution and attention due to the serious volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptos. Even so, meme coins soared in value in the first half of 2021, bringing back a huge profit for their investors just because they were hyped and fun.

Such tokens have already become a trend on social media and ranked higher among other cryptos. Nakamoto aims to create an entire ecosystem to derive all of these fun tokens in one place.

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